not always what you think you need

You always get what you need, but not always what you want.

This is never more true than in my sessions with clients. I am continually astounded at how diverse my sessions are. One client who came to see me wanted to make peace with a past relationship. Only during the session when a lady in spirit came through did I realise that the past partner had died at her own hand. Such an honoured position to be in facilitating communication at this level. There was so much love in the room as the deceased spoke of their time together on the earth plane. She spoke of how she really liked the current partner, and that it really was okay to let go.

Another time, a friend of mine came for a session (always interesting to read for friends). She was more curious than anything, to see what it was I did. An elderly gentleman stepped forward. I began to describe his features to my friend and the one thing that really stood out, was his flawless, baby like facial skin. He was an elderly man with the skin of a child. This confirmed it for her. It was so funny as he showed me a timepiece he was holding. Turns out he used to hold a stopwatch whilst barbecuing. It was his thing. He never got to meet her children as he passed before they were born. So it was special for her to hear him speak of each of their individual personalities. He expressed his awareness of some the challenges she was experiencing – providing much comfort to her.

So many stories…okay, the next.

This one I’ll never forget. A client came for some energy healing. Immediately a young boy made himself known to me. His hair was white blonde. As I was describing this child to the client a man stepped in beside the child. He made known that the child was him at the age he died. I kept hearing…it was a tragic mistake, as he took me through the motions of how we died. Sharing this with the client she told me her baby brother died in a tragic accident at the home property. Spirit is ageless and they will always find the most effective way to communicate with us so how wonderful that he chose to come through as an adult male too. He spoke of their mother. He spoke the family property and how he watches as his mother as she stands at the kitchen sink washing dishes, gazing out of the window. He said he knows when she is thinking of him and he wanted my client, his sister, to let mum know he is around, especially when she thinks of him. He described in great detail the garden, the house, the window and a particular space in the garden with a large green bush with red flowers, where he stands looking upon the home and his mum with great love. The next time my client visited the family home she sent me a photo of the garden and the green bush with the red flowers.

I started this piece with ‘You always get what you need, but not always what you want’. Thinking of a specific experience where the client got exactly that. As much as this was challenging for her it was also I think a relief. Because it confirmed what she always knew. In the space of my little healing room she got to experience herself beyond the confusion, the static and the noise. She saw a different perspective and from that place she could set a plan to move forward.

It’s challenging sometimes to deliver information that can be…well…straight to the core of the matter and not always wrapped in soft squishy heavenly love with feather bows (you get the picture). But deliver I must. Because I trust in what I do, and the information I receive. I trust that the clients’ higher self (pure soul, non-physical self) knows exactly what needs to happen, as do my spirit team, and these are the messages given to me to pass on.

Spirit (deceased, guides, ascended masters, angels) communicate with me in many ways – I hear, see, sense and channel. We all have a support crew in spirit that are with us every step of the way. But they can only come close and engage through invitation. If you’re not already doing so, start to play with your spirit family – it’s enormous fun and magical. Symbols are one of the languages of spirit so ask for signs and gifts, such as flowers, words, images to appear throughout the day. Build up the communication and invite them to draw close.

Mandi – life-love-liberation