Michael lived in Bondi Junction. I’m not sure how he spent his days when I wasn’t with him, but whenever I visited with him at his home he always had visitors.  I’d usually find him in his garden, surrounded by friends, in discourse or playing musical instruments and always drinking mint tea.

In his previous incarnations, he had been a Greek Orthodox Priest in London. Now, as I knew him, he was a spiritual teacher of a different kind.

I can’t remember the exact details of our first meeting. I do remember we were introduced by mutual friends. I was immediately struck by his gentle yet strong presence which was much larger than his 5.5ft frame and his round soft belly.  Aged in his early 60’s his hair, mainly grey still had elements of black to match his eyebrows, and the deep brown of his eyes.

I was 24 when I met Michael. He became such a profound influence in my life I named my beloved cat after him.

“anyone can find peace on the top of a mountain, your purpose is to attain peace in the chaos and extremes of a busy life” Michael

As a Mystic, Michael taught me what was to become the foundations for my own journey of transformation. He taught me about energy and spirit communication. He taught me about meditation. I remember he would say “anyone can find peace on the top of a mountain, your purpose is to attain peace in the chaos and extremes of a busy life.”  He would take me to Darling Harbour, a large pedestrian precinct and major tourist attraction in Sydney, and he would have me sit on a bench, legs folded, hands in mudra position and drop into deep meditative state, while taking in the sounds, smells and noises of one of Sydney’s busiest spots.  At first it felt ridiculous, but over time and with practice I began to reap the benefits. And soon, I was teaching others – although we did start much more gently, sitting under the giant oak trees in Sydney’s Hyde Park. I remember the very first group of novice meditation students – sitting with backs resting on the barks of the trees, eyes closed, breathing even and soft, emanating a deep peace and connection with all that there is. ‘You did this’ Michael whispered. ‘You created this’.  I knew then that this was my path. To share with others the knowledge of my own teachers as well as drawing from my own experience.

Michael also introduced me to the truth of who I am, who we all are. Spiritual beings embodied for the human experience, and that to experience true healing and liberation we must first let go of living in accordance to our past or the future. True freedom is experienced in the NOW.

One place he used to take me to, which as a sensitive I wasn’t over thrilled about, was Waverly Cemetery.  Located on the top of the cliffs at Bronte in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, and considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world. We used to take morning or afternoon tea there, depending on the weather. As a child, I was aware of spirit and had developed a fear of opening myself up, mainly because of the lack of support and teaching around me at that time. I was made to believe that what was a natural occurrence for me, was bad and wrong. That there was something wrong with me. Michael mentored me in spirit communication and taught me to trust in my abilities.

We spent the whole of spring and summer together. At weekends and after work I would take the train to his place where I would share in the discourse and music with friends, and drink mint tea, before we would begin theoretical study followed by practical application – my favourite part.

Because of visa restrictions I had to leave the country.  I sent postcards sharing my then trip to NZ. Waiting until I could enter back into Australia.  I was gone for about six months. When I did return, I took the train to Bondi, walked to his home, knocked on the door and no-one answered.

I never saw Michael again, in the physical. Now he is with me in spirit. Still teaching me and I love him dearly.  He’s reminding me of whenever I entered a room or walked by him, he would catch the scent of roses. <3