Life’s Work…

So many of my clients first come to me feeling stuck. They know there is more to be had in life, feel they are destined for more, are really unhappy settling and yet don’t know how to move forward.

Over the years, what I’ve noticed is this…when clients present with the above conditions there is a distinct absence of connection to self-wisdom.

When we have a direct line to our innate wisdom a few things happen:

  • - we experience deep connection to self
  • - we slough off the static and ‘energetic noise’ that keeps us stuck
  • - we experience diamond clarity
  • - we experience profound alignment to our Soul purpose
  • - we experience powerful motivation to take courageous action

I combine soul coaching and energy healing with ancient practices sprinkled with some modern neuroscience based methodologies to help clients break through confusion and get diamond clarity on what they truly want. In addition to the above, they learn to live life from inside out, and not reactively which brings immense joy, peace and fulfillment. They walk away with powerful tools that can be used over and over again to get the same incredible results.

I truly believe every single person is wired for magnificence, and the very thing they seek is within themselves.

“When something is missing from your life, there most probably is, and it’s most probably you’

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I am so passionate about this work – I’ve been studying so many methodologies for more than 25 years. Mainly because of my insatiable love of learning. My first real gig was as a Healer in the UK working alongside the British Medical Association taking Spiritual Healing into hospices, hospitals and nursing homes. Fast forward; for the last ten years I’ve been building my coaching practice here in Perth. This is my life’s work. My Soul purpose.