Keeping your spirit alive in a chaotic world

Dear friend,

I just wanted to write to you and let you know I'm thinking of you.

We are living in interesting times. Turn on the news or read the paper and we are hit with all the FUDGE in the world.  FUDGE = Fear, Uncertainty, Disaster, Greed and Envy.

Made all the more challenging by our natural propensity as humans toward sadness and grief, it's hard to not get pulled into the millions of stories going on around us and within us, and end up feeling utterly depressed and overwhelmed. 

Leunig captures this rather well.

I wanted to connect with you to let you know in this seemingly chaotic time, it is possible to transcend this perceived pain and connect to the beauty that exists within you and all around you.

When you are in pain, it is your thoughts that suffer, not you. It is your attachment to fearful thoughts, broken dreams, dashed hoped, crushed expectations, failed plans and transgressions.

As Within, So Without - here, Socrates invites us to the awareness of how our outer world reflects our inner world, and our inner world reflects our outer world. By changing our internal state - which is really the only part of anything we have control over - we can immediately shift our experience internally and this then shifts our experience externally.

Here are five things you can do immediately to create a transformational shift:

    • Breathe Deeply - and evenly for a minimum of two minutes, this creates balance in your autonomic nervous system with immediate feelings of calm and peace
    • Be Here Now - bring your awareness into the present moment, neither in the past, nor the future but here in this moment where there is freedom
    • Let go - let go of attachments to outcomes and expectations, which goes hand in hand with...
    • Acceptance - what you resist persists, so dissolve the resistance through acceptance
    • Relax - we are conditioned to think all change requires effort when in fact relaxing into change is a much more pleasant (and effective) way of transforming you and your world

Check out this awesome article from Martha Beck called Give it a Rest - And See What Happens

I recorded this meditation 'Resting in Presence' as a gift for you. The more we relax and dissolve all tension in the body, the more we are able to be present. When we are present we experience self beyond thought and conditions. In this state we experience deep resolution, healing, peace and harmony.

Love yourself into alignment with this powerful meditation.