A thank you letter

I came to see Mandi because, although I was very happy in my life, there was a shadow cast from a string of failed relationships. One relationship had ended over two years ago but I was still struggling to let go of it in my head. I felt that I wanted peace and to be able to fully move on from the past and into my future in a way that was clear and uncluttered. Most of all I wanted to be free from the thoughts of my ex-lover that would enter my head unwelcomed. Usually during the precious time when I wasn’t preoccupied with work or caring for my children. These times I felt should have been for me, not spent raking over the past.

Right from the start my session with Mandi was different to anything I have experienced in the past. I have had counselling where I have felt pushed to find answers, put feelings into words and think up solutions. This was not the case during my session with Mandi. From the moment I sat down and made myself comfortable, I was aware that I didn’t have to do anything other than to be receptive. Nothing felt forced and I make connections between childhood events and the present without effort. Tuning in to how I was feeling came easily and many emotions that I had been unaware of were brought to light.

There was a feeling of flow and trust, not only in Mandi but in the entire universe. I felt undeniable relaxation and love for all, even those who had hurt me.

At the end of the session I chose a card from a pack and it was ‘Deep Cleansing’, perfectly mirroring my feelings about what had taken place that hour.

I was refreshed and ready for the next chapter in my life.

After my healing session with Mandi, I felt at peace, calm, relaxed and reassured that my life was unfolding in way that would best serve me and my loved ones.

That night I slept soundly. I had a dream where I was pursuing my ex-lover to win him back. I felt certain that we were meant to be together. In my dream, I successfully seduced him and we were back together. At which point I felt disappointed and I realised that being with this man was not what my soul wanted. All the reasons I had for ending the relationship where still there. All I felt was disappointment and an overwhelming feeling that this connection was not enough for me, that I deserved better. I felt some closure on the relationship and was able to let go of the idea that we were meant to be together. I had experienced this in my dream and it did not bring happiness, only disappointment.

I would recommend seeking Mandi’s guidance to anyone who is feeling they are stuck or in emotion pain.

This woman has gifts to heal and bring peace and comfort.

Love Renae x