Grief is a container for other emotions, such as sorrow, sadness, fear, emptiness and longing. Experiencing these deep intense emotions can feel like you’ve been taken over by something you cannot control. Grief colours our experience of life. We often become rooted in the past unable to fully enjoy present life. We seek out ways to distract, numb or deny our pain. By refusing to lean into our pain we prolong the experience of it, thereby limiting the healing and growth available.

I know the energy it takes to hold intense overwhelming emotions at bay, and the fear of opening the floodgates lest I be swallowed up entirely.  But what I’ve learnt is that pain and suffering offer an entry point to love, liberation and peace.

With self-awareness practices we become interoceptive – more attuned to our body/mind/energy system and the emotions within our system. Research shows that interoceptive awareness supports our ability to engage in life’s challenges with flexibility, adaptability and resilience. It also increases natural pain control, empathy, intuition and the desire to self-care.

When we create distance from our emotions and feelings, through distraction, denial, addiction and the endless act of being busy, we become lost in our head and disconnected from our essential self.  Opening the door to our feelings offers a deep connection with self and with presence, and only through moving back into our body can we occupy the fullness of our being.


We each have within us a conscious awareness, a wisdom and intelligence, that knows just what is needed and how to be in relation to our grief. I want to share with you how to access this wisdom. But first, let’s look at emotions. In Latin the word emotion is ‘emotere’, which literally means energy in motion. Emotions are waves of energy which carry feelings such as joy, sorrow, sadness, anger, frustration. These waves are invisible to the naked eye and travel faster than thought. Emotions are themselves, physical states arising from the body in response to external stimuli. In other words, emotions are ever changing, moveable, not fixed. We tend to clamp down tight around emotions, identifying and defining ourselves by them.

Emotions and feelings, what’s the difference?  “Feelings are mental experiences of body states, which arise as the brain interprets emotions, themselves physical states arising from the body’s responses to external stimuli.” Professor Antonio Damasio

Emotions as communications help us to make life meaningful, transforming our world from a sequence of events, data and facts to a living and breathing experience. When we look at emotional and physical pain as messages from the unconscious – PAIN is Please Acknowledge, Information, Now!

From an energy perspective, pain as a consequence of trapped emotions, beliefs and unconscious programs, appear to me as clusters of energy attached to the body system, and sometimes the organs that generated them. Our perceptions of self and life become informed and influenced by the information and beliefs stored in these clusters. They are not the truth of who you are, but they do veil your true self.

In my work with people experiencing grief through loss of a loved one or a child, their health, identity or way of life, I have seen how embracing a mind/body/spirit approach allows compassionate, deep and powerful healing, and for love to take over.  Mary O’Malley writes, ‘what is in the way, is the way.’ I believe this too and I believe Embodied Wisdoming & Grief Movement helps open the door so you can meet your pain and begin to cultivate a deep connection with yourself while unlocking your natural healing ability.  Those who have attended have said this program allowed them to find a way to sit with their grief, experience more connection to self and awareness of how to feel okay with not being okay. Others shared how by embracing their pain and moving with it they were able to release it making space for pure love.

Cultivate a practice of conscious presencing
Quite simply, conscious presencing is the action of being here now and is key to healing. Our body loves to sigh. Breath is our very own magic provides a kind of sanctuary which we can access and use anywhere, anytime. Conscious breathing ignites praan – the pure essence of life and vitality – in every cell in our body.

Our body loves deep wide breaths yet most of us live the day shallow breathing. When we breathe consciously, we experience our own inner sanctuary of deep, open peace. We drop into our body, create balance within our ANS, autonomic nervous system, and heart coherence. This is where we come home to our essential self and access the deep wellspring of embodied wisdom. Here compassion flows easily and as we unfold all that we’ve held tightly onto, the deepest human pain minimises and the space for reconnection and healing occurs.

As a moment-to-moment practice, when thoughts become intrusive, and the mind restless, when we’re looking outside of ourselves for a remedy of peace, bring your attention to your breath. Here in the present moment. Watch the breath ebb and flow, rise and fall. Feel the sensation of the breath in your body. Watch. Feel. Sense. Allow deep slow breaths. Silently affirming to yourself, I Am Here.

Mandi Cloete – Living Presence, is a Transformational Coach, Intuitive, Meditation Teacher and Mother. She facilitates the Embodied Wisdom & Grief Movement program which begins 16th October at the Heart Place, Fremantle.

A thank you letter

I came to see Mandi because, although I was very happy in my life, there was a shadow cast from a string of failed relationships. One relationship had ended over two years ago but I was still struggling to let go of it in my head. I felt that I wanted peace and to be able to fully move on from the past and into my future in a way that was clear and uncluttered. Most of all I wanted to be free from the thoughts of my ex-lover that would enter my head unwelcomed. Usually during the precious time when I wasn’t preoccupied with work or caring for my children. These times I felt should have been for me, not spent raking over the past.

Right from the start my session with Mandi was different to anything I have experienced in the past. I have had counselling where I have felt pushed to find answers, put feelings into words and think up solutions. This was not the case during my session with Mandi. From the moment I sat down and made myself comfortable, I was aware that I didn’t have to do anything other than to be receptive. Nothing felt forced and I make connections between childhood events and the present without effort. Tuning in to how I was feeling came easily and many emotions that I had been unaware of were brought to light.

There was a feeling of flow and trust, not only in Mandi but in the entire universe. I felt undeniable relaxation and love for all, even those who had hurt me.

At the end of the session I chose a card from a pack and it was ‘Deep Cleansing’, perfectly mirroring my feelings about what had taken place that hour.

I was refreshed and ready for the next chapter in my life.

After my healing session with Mandi, I felt at peace, calm, relaxed and reassured that my life was unfolding in way that would best serve me and my loved ones.

That night I slept soundly. I had a dream where I was pursuing my ex-lover to win him back. I felt certain that we were meant to be together. In my dream, I successfully seduced him and we were back together. At which point I felt disappointed and I realised that being with this man was not what my soul wanted. All the reasons I had for ending the relationship where still there. All I felt was disappointment and an overwhelming feeling that this connection was not enough for me, that I deserved better. I felt some closure on the relationship and was able to let go of the idea that we were meant to be together. I had experienced this in my dream and it did not bring happiness, only disappointment.

I would recommend seeking Mandi’s guidance to anyone who is feeling they are stuck or in emotion pain.

This woman has gifts to heal and bring peace and comfort.

Love Renae x



Keeping your spirit alive in a chaotic world

Dear friend,

I just wanted to write to you and let you know I'm thinking of you.

We are living in interesting times. Turn on the news or read the paper and we are hit with all the FUDGE in the world.  FUDGE = Fear, Uncertainty, Disaster, Greed and Envy.

Made all the more challenging by our natural propensity as humans toward sadness and grief, it's hard to not get pulled into the millions of stories going on around us and within us, and end up feeling utterly depressed and overwhelmed. 

Leunig captures this rather well.

I wanted to connect with you to let you know in this seemingly chaotic time, it is possible to transcend this perceived pain and connect to the beauty that exists within you and all around you.

When you are in pain, it is your thoughts that suffer, not you. It is your attachment to fearful thoughts, broken dreams, dashed hoped, crushed expectations, failed plans and transgressions.

As Within, So Without - here, Socrates invites us to the awareness of how our outer world reflects our inner world, and our inner world reflects our outer world. By changing our internal state - which is really the only part of anything we have control over - we can immediately shift our experience internally and this then shifts our experience externally.

Here are five things you can do immediately to create a transformational shift:

    • Breathe Deeply - and evenly for a minimum of two minutes, this creates balance in your autonomic nervous system with immediate feelings of calm and peace
    • Be Here Now - bring your awareness into the present moment, neither in the past, nor the future but here in this moment where there is freedom
    • Let go - let go of attachments to outcomes and expectations, which goes hand in hand with...
    • Acceptance - what you resist persists, so dissolve the resistance through acceptance
    • Relax - we are conditioned to think all change requires effort when in fact relaxing into change is a much more pleasant (and effective) way of transforming you and your world

Check out this awesome article from Martha Beck called Give it a Rest - And See What Happens

I recorded this meditation 'Resting in Presence' as a gift for you. The more we relax and dissolve all tension in the body, the more we are able to be present. When we are present we experience self beyond thought and conditions. In this state we experience deep resolution, healing, peace and harmony.

Love yourself into alignment with this powerful meditation.


Michael lived in Bondi Junction. I’m not sure how he spent his days when I wasn’t with him, but whenever I visited with him at his home he always had visitors.  I’d usually find him in his garden, surrounded by friends, in discourse or playing musical instruments and always drinking mint tea.

In his previous incarnations, he had been a Greek Orthodox Priest in London. Now, as I knew him, he was a spiritual teacher of a different kind.

I can’t remember the exact details of our first meeting. I do remember we were introduced by mutual friends. I was immediately struck by his gentle yet strong presence which was much larger than his 5.5ft frame and his round soft belly.  Aged in his early 60’s his hair, mainly grey still had elements of black to match his eyebrows, and the deep brown of his eyes.

I was 24 when I met Michael. He became such a profound influence in my life I named my beloved cat after him.

“anyone can find peace on the top of a mountain, your purpose is to attain peace in the chaos and extremes of a busy life” Michael

As a Mystic, Michael taught me what was to become the foundations for my own journey of transformation. He taught me about energy and spirit communication. He taught me about meditation. I remember he would say “anyone can find peace on the top of a mountain, your purpose is to attain peace in the chaos and extremes of a busy life.”  He would take me to Darling Harbour, a large pedestrian precinct and major tourist attraction in Sydney, and he would have me sit on a bench, legs folded, hands in mudra position and drop into deep meditative state, while taking in the sounds, smells and noises of one of Sydney’s busiest spots.  At first it felt ridiculous, but over time and with practice I began to reap the benefits. And soon, I was teaching others – although we did start much more gently, sitting under the giant oak trees in Sydney’s Hyde Park. I remember the very first group of novice meditation students – sitting with backs resting on the barks of the trees, eyes closed, breathing even and soft, emanating a deep peace and connection with all that there is. ‘You did this’ Michael whispered. ‘You created this’.  I knew then that this was my path. To share with others the knowledge of my own teachers as well as drawing from my own experience.

Michael also introduced me to the truth of who I am, who we all are. Spiritual beings embodied for the human experience, and that to experience true healing and liberation we must first let go of living in accordance to our past or the future. True freedom is experienced in the NOW.

One place he used to take me to, which as a sensitive I wasn’t over thrilled about, was Waverly Cemetery.  Located on the top of the cliffs at Bronte in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, and considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world. We used to take morning or afternoon tea there, depending on the weather. As a child, I was aware of spirit and had developed a fear of opening myself up, mainly because of the lack of support and teaching around me at that time. I was made to believe that what was a natural occurrence for me, was bad and wrong. That there was something wrong with me. Michael mentored me in spirit communication and taught me to trust in my abilities.

We spent the whole of spring and summer together. At weekends and after work I would take the train to his place where I would share in the discourse and music with friends, and drink mint tea, before we would begin theoretical study followed by practical application – my favourite part.

Because of visa restrictions I had to leave the country.  I sent postcards sharing my then trip to NZ. Waiting until I could enter back into Australia.  I was gone for about six months. When I did return, I took the train to Bondi, walked to his home, knocked on the door and no-one answered.

I never saw Michael again, in the physical. Now he is with me in spirit. Still teaching me and I love him dearly.  He’s reminding me of whenever I entered a room or walked by him, he would catch the scent of roses. <3

Awaken to your Spiritual Heart <3

There is a candle in your heart,

ready to be kindled.

There is a void in your soul,

ready to be filled.

You feel it, don’t you?

You feel the separation

from the Beloved.

Invite Him to fill you up,

embrace the fire.

Remind those who tell you otherwise that

LOVE comes to you of its own accord,

and the yearning for it

cannot be learned in any school.


sacred-heartSince being a child this image ‘Most Sacred Heart of Jesus’ has always resonated with me. I find the image itself quite kitsch, probably due to the fact that I only ever saw it hanging in the homes of aging devout Catholics.  In Roman Catholic terms this image represents taking Jesus Christs physical heart as the representation of His divine love for humanity.  But for me it means something quite different.  For me this image depicts the Spiritual Heart which is the essence of our true nature, oneness, Supreme Consciousness. A point of contact with God.

Our heart is something quite extraordinary. Beyond the physical organ what we all have is something magical.  What if I told you that within each and every one of us lies the passage to our own healing and awakening, and that of the planet, and that this passage has a doorway, a portal – the Heart.

It’s my understanding that we have three hearts – the physical heart, the energetic heart (Chakra) and the Spiritual Heart (Sacred Heart).  It is through communing with our Spiritual Heart that we experience divine Love, our true nature and return home. What’s not to love!

Scientists at the HeartMath Institute have been researching heart science with amazing results. Predominately focused on heart and brain communication and how this influences our consciousness and perceptions of our world, this group of scientists have been able to gather data and measure the large electromagnetic field generated from the heart. When we feel positive emotions like gratitude, love and appreciation, the heart beats out a certain message aligned with the frequencies of these emotings.  Knowing this, you can understand more deeply the power of the words we use and why affirmations can be so effective.



According to Rolin McCratey, Ph.D, and Director of Research at the Institute and author of the paper ‘The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Communication Within and Between People’:  View Paper here

The electrical field of the heart as measured in an ECD is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an ECG. The magnetic component of the heart’s field is around 100 times stronger than that produced by the brain, and is not impeded by tissues and can be measured several feet away from the body. Emotional information is actually coded and modulated into these fields. By learning to shift our emotions, we are changing the information coded into the magnetic fields that are radiated by the heart, which is ‘felt’ in every cell in the body, and can impact those around us. We are fundamentally and deeply connected with each other and the planet itself.

When science validates what ancient wisdom and mystics have been teaching for thousands of years it’s incredibly exciting, because this valuable information is being made mainstream and palatable for many who are turned off by anything remotely spiritual.

Coming back to the beautiful image of the ‘Most Sacred Heart of Jesus’, I like to imagine that Jesus Christ is revealing his Spiritual Heart as an invitation for each of us to become aware of its existence and to enter, deeply, devoutly and passionately into our own Spiritual Heart.

Isira Sananda taught me to surrender into the Spiritual Heart through meditation, which after many years of truth seeking has been the most profound gift, and changed my life. Through this practice, which I’ll be honest is something I’ve done with sporadic renewals of enthusiasm – because I’m human, and life gets in the way, yet it is something I always ALWAYS return to, I’ve experienced depths of presence that once felt, changes you. <3

“It is the light in your Heart that will show you the way of Peace”

– Isira

According to Ramana Maharshi the great Indian sage and jivanmukta “the godly atom of the Self is to be found in the right chamber of the heart, about one-finger-width’s distance from the body’s midline. Here lies the Heart, the dynamic Spiritual Heart. It is called the hridaya, is located on the right side of the chest, and is clearly visible to the inner eye of an adept on the Spiritual Path. Through meditation you can learn to find the Self in the cave of this Heart”.

“What is essential in any spiritual practice is to try to bring back the running mind and fix it on one thing only. Why then should it not be brought back and fixed in Self-attention (to this feeling of ‘I’)? That alone is Self-enquiry. That is all that is to be done!” 

Ramana Maharshi


Knowing this, the wonderfully creative head brain seems rather limited in its practice. If we practice meditation purely from the aspect of witnessing our thoughts this can be a game with no end. Yet when we witness conscious awareness in the Spiritual Heart we then experience our true nature, our One Self, the Supreme Infinite.  And in turn, through continued devotional practice, we experience the presence of the Ultimate Witness.


“The ignorant one thinks that the Self can be known by the intellect, but the enlightened one knows that he is beyond the duality of the knower and the known.”  

– Kena Upanishad


As a Human Becomings, when we engage the wisdom of the heart with the creativity of the head brain we begin to experience a level of Self’ing not previously experienced.  By this I mean we affect the way we show up in the world, how we do ourselves (Self) in the world. Our perception of life shifts to one of beauty, joy and love and through practice this becomes a more frequent experience. Through experiencing, perceiving and evidencing this beauty, joy and love we in turn emanate the vibration of this emoting through our hearts electromagnetic field and this is the ultimate change we want to be if we want to see, hear, feel change in our world.

With Love









Peace in Chaos

What a wonderful time to be a human! The veils are thinning as we are becoming multi-dimensional beings. How I am seeing this evidenced in my own life as an energy intuitive is through an increased ease when resting into presence, being able to hold vibrations of a higher quality for longer periods of time and an acute awareness of when I am out of balance – left of center, out of my right mind. Emotions are strong. Flowing. Reminding me of the importance of allowing them to flow through me rather than become attached, or get caught up on the meanings of the emotions.

There is a chaotic energy all around us as we transition into becoming a Divine Human. It has never been more critical that we anchor ourselves to a deep spiritual practice in order to weather the destructive energetic waves that are rising through mass awakening. As with all things there are polarities…yin and yang, light and dark, love and fear. Spiritual practice is to move beyond thought – which is where ideas of good and bad, negative and positive lay. When we move beyond thought we rest into being’ness. Here we can witness the coming and going of thoughts, the absolute impermanence and flux of life. This struggle of the average human, the inclination to want to attach to what is perceived as good or right, this whole effort is at the root of conflict, disappointment, and suffering; and this only serves to keep one entangled in the superficial level of what is perceived to be occurring in the physical.

Isira says “When you let go that which is impermanent, you come into center with it. That is the gateway to your ever constant self. You come into center with what is and you let be what is. In this space you realise that within all that appears impermanent is the constant unchanged essence, the deepest essence of yourself, the indestructible essence of yourself. Life remains. Life is here, unperturbed, unchanged.”

The path to liberation is messy. It’s snotty, sweaty, active, energetic and trying. At times we may feel as if we are going mad, we may want to depart this life because it’s just too hard. The path to liberation can seem like it demands we walk through the fire of transformation, and that fire burns hotter than anything you can imagine. But the pain of shedding and letting go is worth it. Only the ego/personality struggles with this concept. The heart knows. Our soul knows.

Isira also says “if it feels good in every moment then this is more likely to be serving ego/personality than truth.”

Taking the path to liberation is to Return to Love – our true nature. This love, this deep full love will not abandon you…ever. There is no greater liberation than being at peace with existing, knowing the truth of who we are.

As we are constantly extended an invitation to enter into our heart space, beyond thought, we are sloughing off a fear based reality. This energy has to go somewhere – most of it will be transformed through the presence of love, some of it will seek to cling to its kind. Those of you who are sensitives will be aware of this fug.

Slow down. Be attentive to your awareness that is present and observing and in doing so exercise observation. Let whatever it is for you be whatever it is for you.

Be the light. Bring love anywhere you are stuck, anywhere in your life there is fear, attachment, uncertainty, no matter how small…bring it love. Be with this, observe this, welcome this and love this.

Eventually through practice you will experience a continued state of centeredness through which you experience your life. The shift is subtle and happens over time. Which is why we (my spirit team and I) urge you to make being present to Divine love your absolute priority.

One of my favourite poems captures all of this:

When you finally take

your calm and silent seat

on the throne

of your own heart

everything begins to fall into

it’s proper place




– From “Make Me Your Own”, Tosha Silver

I Love You <3

not always what you think you need

You always get what you need, but not always what you want.

This is never more true than in my sessions with clients. I am continually astounded at how diverse my sessions are. One client who came to see me wanted to make peace with a past relationship. Only during the session when a lady in spirit came through did I realise that the past partner had died at her own hand. Such an honoured position to be in facilitating communication at this level. There was so much love in the room as the deceased spoke of their time together on the earth plane. She spoke of how she really liked the current partner, and that it really was okay to let go.

Another time, a friend of mine came for a session (always interesting to read for friends). She was more curious than anything, to see what it was I did. An elderly gentleman stepped forward. I began to describe his features to my friend and the one thing that really stood out, was his flawless, baby like facial skin. He was an elderly man with the skin of a child. This confirmed it for her. It was so funny as he showed me a timepiece he was holding. Turns out he used to hold a stopwatch whilst barbecuing. It was his thing. He never got to meet her children as he passed before they were born. So it was special for her to hear him speak of each of their individual personalities. He expressed his awareness of some the challenges she was experiencing – providing much comfort to her.

So many stories…okay, the next.

This one I’ll never forget. A client came for some energy healing. Immediately a young boy made himself known to me. His hair was white blonde. As I was describing this child to the client a man stepped in beside the child. He made known that the child was him at the age he died. I kept hearing…it was a tragic mistake, as he took me through the motions of how we died. Sharing this with the client she told me her baby brother died in a tragic accident at the home property. Spirit is ageless and they will always find the most effective way to communicate with us so how wonderful that he chose to come through as an adult male too. He spoke of their mother. He spoke the family property and how he watches as his mother as she stands at the kitchen sink washing dishes, gazing out of the window. He said he knows when she is thinking of him and he wanted my client, his sister, to let mum know he is around, especially when she thinks of him. He described in great detail the garden, the house, the window and a particular space in the garden with a large green bush with red flowers, where he stands looking upon the home and his mum with great love. The next time my client visited the family home she sent me a photo of the garden and the green bush with the red flowers.

I started this piece with ‘You always get what you need, but not always what you want’. Thinking of a specific experience where the client got exactly that. As much as this was challenging for her it was also I think a relief. Because it confirmed what she always knew. In the space of my little healing room she got to experience herself beyond the confusion, the static and the noise. She saw a different perspective and from that place she could set a plan to move forward.

It’s challenging sometimes to deliver information that can be…well…straight to the core of the matter and not always wrapped in soft squishy heavenly love with feather bows (you get the picture). But deliver I must. Because I trust in what I do, and the information I receive. I trust that the clients’ higher self (pure soul, non-physical self) knows exactly what needs to happen, as do my spirit team, and these are the messages given to me to pass on.

Spirit (deceased, guides, ascended masters, angels) communicate with me in many ways – I hear, see, sense and channel. We all have a support crew in spirit that are with us every step of the way. But they can only come close and engage through invitation. If you’re not already doing so, start to play with your spirit family – it’s enormous fun and magical. Symbols are one of the languages of spirit so ask for signs and gifts, such as flowers, words, images to appear throughout the day. Build up the communication and invite them to draw close.

Mandi – life-love-liberation