embodied wisdom – grief movement

Let me begin by sharing with you feedback from participants in our recent Embodied Wisdom - Grief Movement Program: 

...I've experienced expression in a safe place feeling fully supported by Mandi and others on the program...

...I've experienced more connection to myself and awareness of how to feel okay with not being okay; embracing pain/grief and moving it, releasing it so I am left with pure love...

...if you're thinking of doing the program, do it. Embrace it and surrender to the processes. Your heart, mind and soul will be grateful you did...

...I came because I want to develop to develop a better understanding of my grief and learn how to express it in alternative ways so that I can thrive in life...

...what I've experienced is a deeper connection to myself and my grief and the skills to allow it to express and heal. I am already feeling the benefits after only 2 weeks...

...come with an open heart and mind to allow yourself to be guided by Mandi in a beautiful space where you experience profound shifts in yourself and your body...

So what is this program and how can you be a part of this too? 

I'm offering a beautiful accumulation of techniques and exercises I've spent years training in, and drawing on what's worked for me in my own life, in my own personal healing journey.

Combing ancient practices with movement, breath, sound and meditation helps to release struggle, allowing space for new insights, harmony, appreciation, love and forgiveness – transformative healing.

Join me and other explorers in a safely held space as we flow through the Cycle of Compassionate Transformation.

The cycle includes the five steps of Awareness, Expression, Connection, Surrender and Evolution. Each step extending a unique invitation of engagement with our feeling body, physical and energetic body in a whole-of-system way. I’ve explained each step a little more deeply in the following:

Awareness: come home to the body and develop a sense of safety. Come to know where you are holding stuck emotion in the body, learn to listen as your body is always speaking to you. From personal experience, for years my body just didn’t feel like a safe place to be. From birth through childhood right up until my thirties I never knew just how good being present and at home in the body could feel. I do now. To feel blissfully safe, held and supported by my magnificent body is a gift that keeps on giving. I want you to feel this too.

Expression: explore ways to use movement, breath and sound to use the pain as fuel for healing. Expression is important because it’s about moving the pain through. Stuck pain creates bitterness, loneliness, separation and resentment. We may not always have the words to express this – and expression through movement doesn’t need to have the words but uses this powerful mind-body to allow pain to move through.

Connection: so very important because coming from grief, trauma and loss we are coming from separation. I am loving the four pillars approach as a way to create a fulfilling and happy life. They are connection: connection to self, connection to others, and to country (belonging) and cosmos (spirit). Consisting of flowing meditation that will embody love, grace, gratitude, and even forgiveness, connect with others and witness, maybe mirror back other people’s grief. It is about finding a deeper space of connection to heal using flowing meditation to soften the pain.

Surrender: includes postures and meditations that help to get still and let go – not letting go of the love, but of the hurt and the pain. It helps you to stop clutching at your grief. It’s about keeping closeness but surrendering the pain to connect to love. It’s about tapping into trust – like to a power greater to yourself, slowing down, relaxing and letting go. Surrender is not about weakness but is coming from a place of strength. We are letting go to connect to something greater.

Evolution: important because grieving a loss may feel like it is the end. But in truth, you are moving towards a new chapter. How you can honour those who have passed, and yourself, by living a life of happiness and purpose. We focus on perseverance, play and purpose. How you can recognise that even though I have experienced such devastation that I am still alive and that there is a possibility of creating something beautiful from the devastation, pain and hurt. We focus on techniques and exercises that empower, create space for more joy, courage, empowerment and hope.

Join me for the next one day immersion into Embodied Wisdom - Grief Movement. 

Where: The HeartPlace, 19 Blinco Street, Fremantle

12th December 2021

9.30 - 4pm.

Contact me hello@livingpresence.com.au or 0424 361 703 to register your interest.