loving your life

What would it be like if you truly, deeply and more wondrously loved your life? How would you feel? What would you do differently?

This is the course you've been looking for! Enhance your life by tapping into the power of your creativity, passion, courage and take it to new levels of meaning and purpose. It's all about "Loving Your Life!!

Come on a deep ‘BookJourney’ with me; a deep exploration of what it means to be Loving your Life! using mBIT, NLP and Positive Psychology.

This is a Generative BookJourney mentor/ coaching experience. Learn in a supportive small group and explore what it means to bring your human spirit alive and tap into your own inner wisdom.

Based on the exciting new book ‘Loving your Life!’, and using mBIT, NLP and Positive Psychology, the journey facilitates you through a series of explorations and deep meditations on how to truly love your life, love your self and bring more loving into your life.

As recent Neuroscience has shown, we have centers of intelligence, or ‘brains’, in our heart and gut regions. Each of your three brains (head, heart and gut) have their own domains of expertise, their own prime functions, and more importantly, their own ‘Highest Expressions’. Loving your Life! applies these profound insights to the context of truly bringing your life and spirit alive!

Based on behavioral modeling of people who are truly loving their lives, you can now use these insights to take your life to another level and truly be Loving your own Life even more amazingly!

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TESTIMONIALS: Here is what participants of the Loving Your Life Journey had to share:

“Very rarely have I responded to a book in the way I am continuing to do with Loving Your Life...and I'm loving it! Each chapter is a separate area for exploring and it is easily as refreshing and exciting as a holiday, with new discoveries and wonderful remembering’s.  

I love that there are truly practical suggestions and it is all expressed in a compassionate human way. I have a deep feeling that I will continuing to delve into this book and myself for years to come.” Reb Veale

"The Loving Your Life journey, has been a truly amazing experience. I thought I was pretty self aware, but this year has taken it to a far deeper level. The knowledge, the studies, the interesting articles, videos and research that are shared as part of the journey appeal to my curious and logical mind. Honestly, every concept is unpacked at such a deep level. I’ve learned so much about myself and I’ve been able to create some amazing change within and without.

The book journey is a combination of Positive Psychology, mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Technique) and NLP and is put together in a truly brilliant way. The journey unfolds in the perfect order, is practical and yet very heart, head and gut centred, so you get a truly balanced life transforming pathway to your amazing unique self. I highly recommend the Loving Your Life Journey to anyone who wants to understand themselves better and to make positive change.” Michelle Hickman

“The LYL book journey is a fantastic way to not only learn, but also discover and put into practice the type of things that help you show more loving in your life. I would often read an interesting book, take a few insights and then move onto the next one.

Being able to deeply explore the insights of an entire book over a year, has helped me to not just make better distinctions about where I put my energy but ACTUALLY putting it into practice. My biggest take-away is that loving is done through what you do, and when I approached my life through the lens of doing more loving, the doing got so much easier and more meaningful. This was truly a transformational journey.” Josh Melano

“Travelling on this wonderful journey with a group of people who are loving their lives as much as I am, is truly inspirational. We support each other and have grown individually and as a group, which has enriched all our lives in more ways than ever expected. The content of the journey is both profound and easy to apply to my daily loving of life." Davia McMillan

Journey Package: What you receive

  • A copy of the exciting new book Loving your Life! in both print and ebook forms.
  • Fortnightly group meetings with me as your Guide in which you will be facilitated in exploring key distinctions from sections of the book. The book comprises 30 meditations/explorations on loving your self more wondrously. Each fortnightly meeting will examine 3 of these explorations. 
  • During these meetings you also delve deeply into how your mind and body works. There are explorations where you will get insight AND have the opportunity to ask questions raised during the journey.
  • You will receive webinar recordings so you can watch or re-watch at your leisure during the process of the journey. 
  • Peer Social Learning. You will be part of a group of fellow journeyers ' a small wisdom community group' where you get together to do peer support reviews and discoveries and bring the material from group meetings with me, alive in your own life.  This will be a social learning facilitation where you will be provided with work sheets, mind maps and generative exploration guides to support you in these discovery processes.  
  • 6 months of deep learning. The overall process runs for 6 months and represents an incredible journey of deep self discovery that provides generative learning and transfers wise generative change in Loving Your Life! more wondrously. 

Just to summarise, the total value of all the elements of Loving Your Life program plus all bonuses is over $3000.00

  • A copy of the exciting new book Loving your Life! in both print and ebook forms. (valued at $29.00)
  • Fortnightly over 6 months of face to face group meetings with me as your Guide (valued at $2400)
  • 12 downloadable practice guides and course work. (valued at $649.00)
  • 6 months of deep learning. The overall process runs for 6 months and represents an incredible journey of deep self discovery that provides generative learning and transfers wise generative change in Loving Your Life! more wondrously. (priceless)

Total value over $3000

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