A certified Meditation and Pranayam Teacher, I've been practicing meditation for over two decades and introducing people to meditation for over eight years. Admittedly for the most part its been intermittent and something I fitted in around my life. It's only in the last ten years I've deepened my practice through discipline and devotion. Meditation truly is transformative. 

There are many paths to attaining peace, calm and joy in your life however, meditation is the foundational practice. If you can breathe you can meditate! Why cultivating a daily practice of meditation is essential in today's world:

  • Create inner space and clarity, and calm the mind
  • Cultivate peace and joy in your life and the feeling of vitality
  • Calm your nervous system for greater health
  • Access your innate wisdom for better decision making
  • Enhance your relationships and ability to communicate

The Gift of Meditation’

Meditation on your pure, free, inner space enables you to draw power from your own treasury” 

—Swami Shyam

Show devotion to your evolution and awakening through disciplined practice and join me as we dip into the treasury that is meditation. Together we create a divine space in which to directly experience and be absorbed in the truth of who you are. 

Through meditation the awareness of your ever present, unchanging, inner sky space is revealed, bringing about physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Learn how to bring the mind back to its originality and come into direct experience of your pure, free, and forever reality. Through meditation we come to experience, know and live in a state of being that is filled with joy, lightness, and freedom - the birthright of everyone. 

Meditation enables you to:

  • Evolve freedom from the ‘dramas’ and stress of the mind
  • Rise above fear, worry, anxiety, and confusion
  • Develop and maintain a foundation practice, even with a busy life
  • Bring higher thinking into your daily life

We all know there is a lot of research done on the benefits of meditation. It's good for health, relieving stress and increasing effectiveness in every day life. It also brings freedom from your state of thinking. But the real reason meditation works and what meditation does is that it makes us aware that we are not our thinking, that we are not our minds. That we exist as a definite state of consciousness which is in fact, free of thinking.  Anyone who has attended one of my groups or sat with me in my lounge room has experienced the dipping into the infinite space of pure, free, forever, has experienced the deep sense of relaxation that comes through meditation and freedom of thinking. 

Weekly Group Meditation - Online via Zoom

Friday mornings - 9am

$20.00 pp

A small intimate gathering to experience meditation and explore present moment awareness. The session runs for 90 minutes. We will come together with a warm welcome. A check in with each other, a dip into the meditation space and an invitation to share what is presenting for you (no expectation to share - this is a safe loving space with all welcome) before coming to a close. 

Follow the link below to sign up. Once payment has been received email me on - you will be emailed confirmation and registration details for the Zoom meeting room. 

Group Wellness Meditation Program - Private and Corporate

In this six-week meditation program suitable for beginners and practiced meditators, and held in a relaxed and supportive setting, learn:

  • What is meditation
  • How to meditate
  • Initiation into Meditation
  • Introduction to Mantra
  • Introduction to Pranayama and the Principle Pranayama
  • Introduction to Four Foundational Mudras

Each class is:

  • 60 – 90 mins, throughout the class we will be meditating at regular intervals
  • A comprehensive handout covering topics discussed will be given however priority is given to practice & direct experience

Contact me to find out more and register your interest.