personal consultations

This is your time to connect with yourself and spirit, ask questions and find greater clarity; or deep dive into transformational work which clients report feeling immediate changes.  Sessions are emergent in nature, and in complete allowing and responsiveness to what shows up for the client.  Some clients get what they need from a one off session, or one session every 2-6 months, while others prefer a journey of 3, 6 and even 12 months. 

Here are some of the ways Mandi has has assisted clients:

  • Discovering what's truly of value to you and creating a life that reflects this
  • Channeled messages and guidance from higher consciousness, guides and loved ones in spirit
  • Guiding and facilitating deep connection and communication with your inner being, authentic self, higher consciousness
  • Guiding and facilitating journeying to the inner landscape allowing for profound insight and awareness
  • Trauma recovery and integration
  • Soul retrieval and integration - identifying and integrating sub-personalities and aspects
  • Identifying origin of illness - physical, mental and emotional, clearing the field and replacing with fresh high transmissions of light
  • Introduction to a powerful transformative meditation practice
  • Revealing and transforming limiting conditioned thoughts and beliefs
  • High energy transmissions for clearing and transmuting unresourceful conditions
  • Resolve internal conflict between thoughts, feelings and actions and experience liberation

 Individual sessions are held in person, via Skype / Zoom / Facetime. 

Duration: 1.5 hours  @ $150.00

Mandi has a gift that is beyond words. You’ll understand when you meet her. My experience over the past few months has helped me tap into information and understanding beyond myself. I leave Mandi knowing more about who I am, how to access my deepest truth and I feel exceptionally calm. Not many people touch me the way she does, she’s helped me through some of the most challenging personal transitions I’ve ever had. I’m extremely grateful to know her. Suzanne Waldron, Perth WA

bioenergy healing - transformative energy healing

We are meant to live vibrant, healthy lives, filled with love, joy and connection. 

Yet our emotional baggage stands in the way of each of us developing into the best and purest version of ourselves.
Until now.

Everything is energy. Our bodies are made of pure energy. Emotions are energy in motion, each vibrating a specific frequency. When we experience a negative emotion, our body takes on that vibration, and because at times the energy is powerful the usual processing sequence becomes interrupted, and the emotion becomes stuck in the body. These stuck emotions are like balls of energy disrupting the proper flow of energy in any part of the body, leading to imbalance and symptoms to arise. This is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong.

Unprocessed emotions can trap you in unwanted behaviours and mind-sets to sabotage your health and happiness. Emotionally charged events and trauma from the past can impact how you think, the choices you make and the level of success you are able to achieve.

In these energy healing sessions, I am combining skills of bioenergetic medicine and intuition, as well as my extensive practitioner toolkit to get to the root of issues without the need for lengthy discussions or accessing painful or traumatic memories.

In one session a deep-seated painful memory or trauma can be identified and released easily, the effects of which can be profound. However, it is important to be aware that deep rooted issues may require more than one session with benefits unfolding between sessions as you allow yourself time to process and heal.

We’re also able to clear imbalance and issues personal to your individual experience from your current timeline, and those carried through from previous lifetimes, or inherited from our parents, ancestors and culture. Heart walls are also able to be cleared in these sessions.

Heart walls are created by our subconscious as a form of protection from emotional, spiritual and/or physical pain. While protective mechanisms such as heart walls are absolutely necessary to help survive certain traumas in life, it comes at a price.

Sessions (1hour) are held over the telephone or Zoom

  • Single Session: $120.00

Create the opportunity to experience a deeper more profound release by booking a package:

  • Package of 4: $440.00
  • Package of 8: $820.00
  • Package of 10: $1000.00

“I had four sessions to clear the ‘heartwall’ and felt different from the first session. By the last session I was literally feeling ‘light-hearted’, finding myself singing and feeling so present to what is wonderful in the world again.
I have had the most beautiful dreams about ‘surfing’ into shore.
I feel like I have fallen in love again with life and the universe.”
  Grace - Perth WA

Throughout years 5 and 6, my son has found navigating social dynamics challenging and as a result, was resistant to going to school and felt very sad at times. We have been working with mental health professionals but the most significant shift has occurred after 5 sessions with Mandi.
He is less stressed, negative and emotionally reactive (behaviours that have been occurring since he was very young). He is happier, has more energy and is connecting with kids at school who previously would annoy or upset him.
It's such a relief to see my son feeling more positive and content.”
  Jo - Perth WA

deep dive discovery sessions

Spend half a day with Mandi and  immerse yourself in YOU!  

Mandi will work with you to help you discover what is truly important to you, your dreams and the blocks that hold you back from achieving them.

You'll access you innate wisdom, tap into your creative source and design a way forward that is aligned with your highest intention.  


What's included:

A supercharged coaching session including four hours of one-on-one time where it's all about you. We will explore where you want to be and what's holding you back from being your best self and achieving your ideal life. Working in a space of potent energy we'll uncover hidden conditioning's and patterns, and connect you with your innate wisdom to reveal what's truly important to you - activating and enhancing your powers of creativity, compassion and courage allowing for profound transformation.

These sessions are powerfully transformative not only for the methods we use, but that we are able to focus and go deeper with the work.

Morning or afternoon tea is included - no breaks through, we'll be working solidly for the four hours. 

I feel truly blessed to have met Mandi and experience an amazing session with her. I felt as if I was just "high on life" afterwards and gained a new perspective on my future. Having received answers to questions that had been burning in my mind without even asking them was amazing. Mandi has a beautiful caring and loving presence which allowed me to relax and be totally at ease during my session. I highly recommend her services. I will definitely be returning again. Thank you so much Jenny Minton, Perth WA

healing circles and meetings

These gatherings may be a little different to what you are familiar with when you think about sacred circles or transformational healing. They are an opportunity to come together in sacred intention and receive high transmissions of light to transform, release and dissolve limited beliefs, stories and feelings held in the energy system and body.  Drawing on ancient practice and techniques gathered across my life time from various teachers, teachings and direct experiences I am grateful to be able to facilitate these special events, here in Perth.

Held monthly these circles are a magical space of deep presence to drop into the core of your inner being, explore your inner landscape and allow your inner voice to rise up, clearly and freely.  

Surrounded by our fellow life journey'ers and soul friends we gather in circle of sacred intention, bearing witness to our self and each other. It's in the witnessing we are loved, without judgement, without opinion...and it's in the witnessing that we are transformed. Women and men are welcome. Spaces are limited so please book ahead.

Arrive for a 6.30pm start. 9pm close of circle with a herbal tea nightcap.

  • $30.00pp payable online in advance
  • $35.00pp payable on the door
  • $20.00 pp unemployed/concession

Having had the experience of being in Mandi's energy before and enjoying the space she creates I decided to go along to her Sacred Circles when she first began them. Since then I think I've only missed one, and that was not by choice. Without doubt the space that is created at these Sacred Circles is quite profound and even though it is every changing with the diversity of whomever is a part of the group, it is also never changing. What I mean by that is as soon as I walk into the space I can feel the connection to Presence - it is a familiar sacred 'ever present' space that is full of potential - a space that is hard to put words to.  Natasha

The way these circles are run means that you really delve into your own self and yet benefit from the power of others coming together and the energy created. I have found this to be the catalyst for powerful shifts, profound realisations, releases of old energy and integration of the new; all without having to know the 'story' or to need to engage the ego which I find allows shifts to happen much more quickly and powerfully.  Nina

I come away from these groups feeling more present and more comfortable with myself and where I am in life; and it has taken me 30 years of searching to realise that nothing is fulfilling for long if you are not comfortable within your own self.  Thanks Mandi for holding such a powerful space of presence so all truth is revealed.  Michelle

I find these circles add a touch of magic to my life. I always leave feeling more awake and excited about life. I feel that I have connected with something much larger than myself and that all is well in the universe. 

The tangible connection to a higher energy is priceless. I feel blessed to be able to participate in something so powerful on a regular basis and I love that it is shared with others from different walks of life, and that it goes beyond simple meditation. I feel very safe to relax into the experience with Mandi as the facilitator. Grace

The choice of music is so beautiful and leads us to a deeper place where perhaps we could not reach on our own. Mandi guides the group with mastery and compassion, everything is accepted into the circle. Mandi is so open and it allows us to voice and feel where something is stuck and to release it. 

I would encourage everyone to attend and experience a circle which is different to other meditations and seems more powerful. As always the choice is ours as to what we share in the circle but I have found that any emotion or feeling is echoed by someone else in the circle. It enables me to understand that I am never alone. Jenny